BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrefactor: use camino for UTF-8 pathsMartin Fischer3 months
v0.1.1commit ca074febae...Martin Fischer4 months
v0.1.0commit d6d71d1693...Martin Fischer4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-18refactor: use camino for UTF-8 pathsHEADmasterMartin Fischer
2021-07-18update dependenciesMartin Fischer
2021-07-18doc: simplify nginx config example in READMEMartin Fischer
2021-07-18refactor: remove unreachable else branchMartin Fischer
2021-07-18support If-None-Match headers with W/ prefixMartin Fischer
2021-07-05refactor: move HttpOrigin to new origins moduleMartin Fischer
2021-07-05disable textarea spellcheck for ext not in (md, txt)Martin Fischer
2021-07-05css: stop wrapping action links in divMartin Fischer
2021-07-05refactor: stop wrapping Page.header in OptionMartin Fischer
2021-07-04refactor: short-circuit with ? instead of mappingMartin Fischer